GM Kitchens Cork and Fitted Wardrobes Portfolio

Our web design team will be adding photos of our latest fitted kitchen, fitted wardrobes and bedroom projects on this page. In the meantime you can view some of most popular kitchen and bedrooms that we have fitted in Cork city and throughout the county.

Scroll over the small icons to see the large photo of each fitted kitchen

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Auckland Medium Walnut Fitted Kitchen Brisbane Lissa Oak Fitted Kitchen Calcutta Pippy Oak Fitted Kitchen Calcutta Vanilla Fitted Kitchen
Fitted Kitchen Cologne Beech Fitted Kitchen Cologne Ivory Fitted Kitchen Cornwall inFrame Fitted Kitchen Devon inFrame
Duleek High Gloss Black Fitted Kitchen Duleek High Gloss CAPPUCCINO Fitted Kitchen Duleek High Gloss CREAM Fitted Kitchen Duleek High Gloss IVORY Fitted Kitchen
Duleek High Gloss WHITE Fitted Kitchen Duleek Letterbox Dark Walnut Fitted Kitchen Duleek Light Tiepolo Fitted Kitchen Duleek Olivewood & Cream High Gloss Fitted Kitchen
Duleek Olivewood Lime-Green Fitted Kitchen Duleek Teak & Black Gloss Fitted Kitchen Fusion Black & Macasser Fitted Kitchen Fusion Black with White Fitted Kitchen
Fusion Burgandy & American Walnut Fitted Kitchen Fusion Burgandy with Cream fitted Kitchen Fusion Cappuccino & Malindi & Ebony Fitted Kitchen Fusion Cream & Cappuccino Fitted Kitchen

Fitted Bedrooms and Wardrobes Portfolio

GM Kitchens are about design, quality, value and functionality seamlessly blended together. GM Kitchens have a breathtaking ‘wow factor’ that comes from beautiful design. Quality and value is at the root of their popularity, a GM kitchen will last.

Scroll over the small icons to see the large photo of each fitted Bedroom

Ashford Celtic Birch Fitted Bedroom Cologne Beech Fitted Bedroom Cologne Ivory Fitted Bedroom Duleek Black Gloss Fitted Bedroom mainpic
Duleek High Gloss Cappuccino Fitted Bedroom Duleek High Gloss Cream Fitted Bedroom Melbourne Pippy Oak Fitted Bedroom Ottowa Ontario Maple Fitted Bedroom
Paris Loire Ash Fitted Bedroom Porto Medium Walnut Fitted Bedroom Prague Ivory Fitted Bedroom Slab Beech Fitted Bedroom
Slab Dark Walnut Fitted Bedroom Tuscany Beech Fitted Bedroom Tuscany Dark Walnut Fitted Bedroom Tuscany Ivory Fitted Bedroom
Tuscany Light Tiepolo Fitted Bedroom Tuscany Lissa Oak Fitted Bedroom Tuscany Medium Walnut Fitted Bedroom